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The new Focus™ 14" Horizontal Contour Projector® is an extremely high quality, rugged benchtop machine with industry-leading technologies and value-add options. With Focus, you get a highly capable metrology system, with innovative features.

  • Innovative, new all-LED TruLight® illumination.
  • Superb telecentric optics yield sharp upright and reversed images.
  • Constant working distance at all magnifications speeds setups and measurements.
  • Multifunctional Q-Check® Digital Readout for geometric processing power is included.
  • Manual and motorized versions are available.
  • 10x magnification lens, standard.
  • Hardware and software options expand Focus capabilities even further.

Not sure which comparator to choose? Check out our Contour Projector Selection Guide.

Please note: Focus is no longer being offered by OGP in North America.

OGP Focus benchtop Contour Projectors are now available in North America through Certified Comparator Products, a division of Quality Vision International. OGP North America continues to offer floor model Contour Projectors – QL-20, QL-30, and OQ-30B.

Outside of North America, OGP offers all Focus benchtop models, as well as QL-20, QL-30*, and OQ-30B* models of contour projectors.

Please contact OGP or your OGP Representative for recommendations about OGP or any Quality Vision International measuring systems solution.

* QL-30 and OQ-30B models are not available in Europe

FocusTruLight Ringlight on Focus

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Focus Contour Projector



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