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Measure-X® Metrology software is standard on select OGP® SmartScope® measurement systems. Its user interface with access tabs for important functions keeps all aspects of system operation readily at hand. From creating part measurement routines to operating an OGP SmartScope system in a production work environment, Measure-X offers power without intimidation.

See the features included in Measure-X below.

Measure-X Metrology Software

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Systems Standard on SmartScope® Flash™. Optional on ATS and Apex.
Image Processing Tools
Single point - highest contrast or directional scan, weak edge point - minimum, maximum, or average, weak edge lines, arcs, and circles, FeatureFinder® - for one click programming, Edge Trace™ to measure irregular contours.
Autofocus Tools
Edge and surface focus, SmartFocus (first, last, or highest contrast surface within scan)
Data Sensors
Video image processing, autofocus, touch probe, laser sensor, micro-probes
Coordinate Systems
Cartesian(XYZ), polar (RAZ), decimal-degrees or degrees-minutes-seconds, English or metric units, user defined resolution to 6 places
Datum Operations
Origin set and skew alignment, auto leveling, axis preset, translate origin and rotate axes, construct from basic dimensions
Measurement Types
Coordinate point, angle and location of line, size and location of radius or diameter, included angle and intersection point, location and size of width, distance (XYZ, polar, 3D, point to line, point to plane), size and location of spherical radius or diameter, angle of plane, intersection points between lines and circles, gage ball tangent to two lines, gage line between two non-parallel lines, edge contour
CNC Control
XYZ stage positioning, zoom lens magnification, illumination source and brightness, rotary table, edge detection and image processing, autofocus
Size (ANSI and ISO), location (true position, concentricity, linear), form (circularity, straightness, flatness, coplanarity), orientation (angularity, parallelism, perpendicularity), profile (arc, line, or plane), MMC and LMC modifiers
Data Output
Configurable hard copy report, default and custom report headers/comments, configurable data export, run-time overrides, print graphics model, export to SmartCAD® 3D, MeasureFit® Plus, SPC Software, Geometric Calculation, comparison to nominals and tolerances, digital I/O
Graphics Model
Real-time display of measured features, auto scaling, color coded, zoom in/out with mouse, build constructions by picking in model
System Configuration
Power-up defaults, language, RS232 port configuration, printer type and port (through Windows™), audible warnings and tones
Data Reduction
Calculate from image data or previously measured features, best fit (Gaussian), minimum, or maximum, automatic dirt/defect removal, XY, XZ, YZ planes
Copy and Step & Repeat (XYZ or RAZ offsets), math operations, branch on condition, if-then-else logic
Alignment Targets
Calibrated size, interactive re-sizing, crosshair, box, circle, focus, grid, protractor, and multiple combinations
Image Operations
Save (24 bit BMP, TIF, TGA) and print video image, positive and negative masks, transparent or solid overlays
Calibration Utilities
Zoom lens calibration, optical accessories calibration, nonlinear XYZ stage calibration, touch probe calibration
Undo last step, insert step, delete step, change step, copy step(s), interactive editing while measuring, standard, condensed, and expanded program listings
Configurable data export to third party SPC software
On-line Help
Full featured Windows help, "What’s This" help, hyperlinks, related topics, index, search
CE As part of our ongoing effort to improve the value of our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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