OGP Innovation Timeline

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1945OGP and Eastman Kodak introduce the telecentric relay lens principle. Still regarded as the optical system of choice for high precision optical systems, it provides a constant working clearance and erect images.
1956Projectron™, the world's first electronic edge detection system for optical comparators, is introduced. Using photocell technology and analog circuitry, Projectron foreshadows the need for automation in the inspection industry.
1962The AG Electronic Smoothness Evaluator verifies the wash-and-wear properties of cloth. Certification with this system was required for textile manufacturers to use the "Sanforized" label.
1966OGP/Ex-Cell-O introduces the first practical high intensity arc lamps, making optical inspection at high magnifications possible for the first time.
1967The world's first video inspection system, the AG Model 875, debuts. Truly a harbinger of things to come, the Model 875 clearly demonstrates the capabilities latent in this technology.
1972OGP introduces the OQ-30A side screen Contour Projector with revolutionary granite surface plate foundation.
1975Automation takes another step forward with the introduction of CLIP (Closed Loop Incremental Positioner.) Automated positioning of comparator worktables can now be accomplished without the need for external controllers.
1977OGP patents the mercury arc surface illuminator with its unique paraboloidal reflector. This outstanding innovation enables high magnification inspection of surface details for the first time.
1978OGP introduces CLIP-COMP, the first integrated automated measurement software available for optical comparators, using a programmable desktop calculator.
1979The world's first side table optical comparator, the OQ-20, debuts. Dubbed the "projector for the eighties," its innovative design quickly makes it an industry favorite.


1980A new era in optical metrology opens with the introduction of the Vidicom Qualifier 863. This remarkable machine combines solid state electronics, gray scale image processing, and programmable magnification into an affordable, non-contact measuring system.
1981OGP develops the Vidiprobe Contour Projector. Vidiprobe effectively bridges Contour Projector and Video Inspection technologies.
1982OGP begins its global expansion through working arrangements with Yamamoto & Co. in Japan, and C.E. Johansson in Sweden.
1984OGP develops and implements advanced error mapping and electronic compensation algorithms, improving the accuracy and repeatability of all its equipment.
1985OGP leads the way again with the introduction of Q-See, the first video system designed specifically for ease of use and low cost.

OGP also introduces the Fresnel optical light sectioner. Using structured light, it allows measurement of non-projectable forms.
1986Taking advantage of the latest advances in optics, computers, and software, the Intelligent Qualifier 2000 is introduced as one of the world’s first multisensor coordinate measurement systems. The IQ-2000 can be equipped with vision, touch probe, and laser scanning sensors.
1991SmartScope® brings fully automatic 3-D measuring to the benchtop at half the price of previous systems. Its color camera, programmable zoom lens, and easy-to-use software quickly make it the world’s most popular non-contact measuring system.
1994OGP reinvents the optical comparator with Top Bench. For the first time, features normally found only on larger systems are available in one compact, benchtop system. It’s revolutionary AccuCentric™ optics are the first to display fully corrected images for both direct projection and surface illumination.
1995Combining the best technologies from OGP, the Avant Supra responds to the need for very high speed, high accuracy measurement. Inspection cycle times show a tenfold improvement over the original Vidicom Qualifier.

OGP introduces the HA-50, an ultra-accuracy, small travel system designed specifically to meet the needs of the growing micro-manufacturing industry. Volumetric accuracy is better than one micron (0.001 mm).

The openings of OGP Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) and Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd (Singapore) usher in a new era of direct OGP support for international markets.
1996OGP introduces SmartScope MVP, a benchtop video inspection system designed for smaller shops and first-time users. Available in manual and motorized configurations, SmartScope MVP combines precision staging, zoom optics, and Windows™ software in an affordable package.

SmartRing® is introduced. This patented, multiple ring LED illuminator offers unparalleled flexibility for video measuring systems. With it, lighting is controlled for brightness, angle of incidence, and direction.

Multisensor measurement is now available for benchtop video measurement systems. The touch probe attachment allows contact measurements to be made on SmartScope systems.
1997SmartFit™ software is introduced at Quality Expo 97. This revolutionary contour analysis software solves complex two dimensional composite profile tolerance applications.

OGP introduces Basic Bench, a new optical comparator where the only thing basic is the price. With Basic Bench, now known as Focus™, higher level features such as telecentric lenses and constant working clearance are standard.
1998SmartReport® software is available for custom report generation and exporting data to spreadsheets and databases. SmartReport works in conjunction with MeasureMind® software.

The suite of MeasureMind software applications is again increased with the introduction of SmartCAD 3D® translation software. SmartCAD 3D provides a graphical display and simple translation of CAD files into automated measuring routines.


2000OGP and Eastman Kodak introduce the telecentric relay lens principle. Still regarded as the optical system of choice for high precision optical systems, it provides a constant working clearance and erect images.A new generation of personal metrology systems is introduced - SmartScope Flare™ and SmartScope Flash™. These value leaders redefine the price/performance ratio with an outstanding combination of technology and ease-of-use.

New 32 bit Measure-X® metrology software delivers world class capability and outstanding usability in the same package.

New MeasureMind® 3D metrology software fully integrates with the new MicroTheta™ rotary table to deliver true four axis measuring.

Cobra™, a portable, high precision laser profile scanner is introduced, providing an economical solution to high accuracy 2-D surface profiling.

SmartScope Quest™, an ultra-high accuracy benchtop system with telecentric optics and multisensor flexibility is introduced at the 2000 IMTS show.

The new Focus™ Contour Projector® blends the best technology from all our benchtop comparators into one high quality, low cost system.

Cobra 3D brings affordable three dimensional laser surface scanning to manufacturers around the world.

New SmartScope Flare and Flash floor stand systems offer extended travel for large part inspection.
2001New TeleStar® zoom lens designed and built specifically for precision video metrology provides a phenomenally clear high contrast image with virtually zero distortion. Standard in SmartScope Quests, the lens is telecentric and has collimated profile (episcopic) illumination that matches the aperture of the optics over its entire 10x range. It excels at imaging parts that are troublesome to other optical systems such as shafts and parts with radiused edges.

New SmartScope Quest 450/600 coordinate measurement systems are designed to incorporate optical, touch probe, and laser sensors in a stable, granite bridge platform for highest accuracy. The standard MeasureMind 3D metrology software makes it simple to perform three-dimensional multisensor measurements.

Gage-X™ for systems with manual stages offers full featured measurement software with intuitive point and click interfaces making measurement and writing parts programs simple.

DRS™ Laser Probe provides non-contact, high resolution surface contouring for SmartScope multisensor systems. The probe is deployable and retractable under program control for uninterrupted, unattended measurement.


2003OGP opens new offices in Shanghai furthering its international presence.

Feather Probe™ provides access to small features that are inaccessible to video measurement or conventional touch probes, a micro-probe option for SmartScope systems.

VDM (Video Direct Microscope) is a compact, cost-effective microscope inspection system that simplifies high magnification inspection.

OGP debuts its most advanced, highest accuracy multisensor metrology video measurement machine, the SmartScope Quest 650.

The compact and versatile optical imaging system of the OVP (Optical Video Probe) can be mounted on virtually any coordinate measuring system or toolmaker's microscope.
2004OGP introduces the SmartScope Flash 1500 with a large measurement range to accommodate large parts like LCDs, plasma displays, circuit boards, and multi-component fixtures.

Custom version of SmartScope Quest 650 equipped with dual heavy-duty rotary indexers, which work in tandem to provide full five-axis measurement capability, this machine is perfect for measuring complex parts such as turbine blades.

An electro-optical device that measures by analyzing changes in the optical spectrum, the Rainbow Probe was introduced as an ideal solution for measuring surfaces without contact. A micro-probe option for SmartScope systems.

OGP develops SmartScope Lazer 200, a unique completely laser-based benchtop measurement system.

The optional SP25 Scanning Probe automatically acquires data points between user-defined start and end points regardless of surface complexity. An option for some SmartScope models.

OGP introduces the ultimate in probing flexibility combining the scanning probe with a PH-10 articulating head exclusively available on the SmartScope Quest 650.
2005The SmartScope Flash 900, with a moving gantry design was introduced to provide a large measurement volume with an instrument head that traverses a rigid granite rail in the X axis.

OGP introduces its QuickView™ line internationally.

The SmartScope Flash 500 offers all the great features and performance of Flash systems in a large travel, small footprint, bridge-design system.

In alliance with Kotem Technologies OGP introduces SmartFit® 3D as a fast, accurate, and reliable 2D/3D best-fitting and analysis software package solving misalignment and location problems.

Optical Gaging Products ships its 1000th SmartScope® Flash 200 personal metrology system.


2006Continuing its innovation in software, SmartCAD® 3D creates MeasureMind® 3D measurement routines directly from CAD files, at the system, or offline.

With extended Y-axis travel, the SmartScope® Flash™ 625 extends the popular SmartScope Flash 500 to more applications.

OGP introduces a redesign of its popular SmartScope Flash 200 benchtop multisensor system.

OGP offers its largest XY travel video measurement machine, the SmartScope Flash 1550, ideal for LCDs, plasma displays, circuit boards, and multi-component fixtures.
2007OGP introduces the SmartScope Flash 302, a unique benchtop multisensor system with 250 mm (10") Z travel.
2008OGP introduces the SmartScope Quest™ 300, for high-accuracy large-capacity dimensional metrology on a benchtop.

OGP offers SmartScope Specialist™ 300, an innovative benchtop metrology system designed specifically for medical device metrology. Specialist 300 includes FDA validation tools and documentation.

OGP introduces SmartProfile® high-powered and innovative 2D/3D GD&T evaluation and fitting software. SmartProfile provides an interactive software environment for the intelligent and automatic GD&T evaluation of measured data in accordance with ASME Y14.5/1994 and ISO 1101 standards.

OGP signs North American Distribution Agreement for the ETALON LaserTRACER™, a 3D volumetric calibration device for dimensional measurement machines, CMMs, and machine tools.

OGP introduces three unique through-the-lens (TTL) metrology lasers for its SmartScope Flash, Quest, ZIP, and QuickView™ multisensor metrology systems.
2009OGP introduces ground-breaking optical comparator technology, and applies it to four new benchtop 14- and 16-inch horizontal Contour Projectors®. New technology includes innovative all-LED TruLight® illumination, a world-first use in optical comparators. Newly-introduced eCAD® is an electronic overlay package that allows a CAD model to project virtual charts onto the comparator screen, for comparison with part images.
2010Introduction of the TeleStar TTL Laser - the first Interferometric, long working distance high accuracy laser. This laser allows a common optical path with video making the switch between video and laser measurements instantaneous.

2011Introduction of the QVI® SNAP™ - the first full function digital measurement machine. Unlike SmartScope Systems the SNAP uses a digital camera instead of stage travel and is full equipped with all LED lighting, AutoCorrelate function for finding parts on the stage regardless of orientation, easy to use controls, and integrated fixturing options.

2012MeasureMind 3D gets a major revision and is updated to support Windows 7.
2013TeleStar® Plus is introduced.

2014ZONE3® Metrology Software introduced. This is the first 3D CAD Based Metrology software that combines all metrology software functionality into one comprehensive package designed to work with SmartScope multisensor measurement systems.
2015FlexPoint™ introduced as the first - high accuracy flexible gaging system. Represents an alternative to custom hard gaging and is designed for measurement of small precision parts.