12x Zoom Optics

12x Zoom OpticsAn entirely new 12x zoom lens is part of every new SmartScope Flash and Flare. It delivers one of the largest magnification ranges in the industry. And it’s fast, too. The motorized and programmable motion requires just 2 seconds to zoom through the entire range. So measuring programs are faster than ever.

Self-Calibrating technology

All SmartScope Flash models and Flare models equipped with the laser probe include our patented AccuCentric™ self-calibrating zoom lens technology.

12x Zoom OpticsProven in over 3,000 industrial installations, an AccuCentric zoom lens calibrates itself, on the fly, automatically, after every magnification change. So you get the best system accuracy all the time - today and tomorrow.

Expand the envelope

Additional lens attachments (1.5x and 2.0x) are available to extend the magnification range for special applications. The total range available with the zoom lens and lens attachments is 30x to 560x on-screen.