Optical Comparator Charts

OGP® optical comparator charts are produced from CAD-generated masters scribed on a high precision plotter for uniform line weight and accurate location. Replacement screens are made of glass, while overscreen charts are made of dimensionally stable plastic. Plastic charts are produced with our exclusive Permaline sealed image process. The chart lines are sealed into the plastic for unmatched durability and long life.

Precision screens and charts are specifically designed for OGP, Ex-Cell-O, Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, and Bendix comparators.

TB=Top Bench, FC=Basic Bench, Focus
Centerline Screens360 Degree Radius ChartsRadius and Angle Charts
Centerline Charts
Essential accessories for any optical comparator.
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360 Degree Radius Charts
Designed for multiple purpose use.
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Radius and Angle Charts
Combine 180 degree radius lines, 90 degree centerlines, and 30 and 45 degree lines in each quadrant.
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0.001 Radius ChartsMultiple Maginification Radius ChartsTool Room Charts
0.001" Radius Charts
Allow easy checking of radii.
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Multiple Magnification Radius Charts
Include 360 degree radius, 90 degree centerlines, 30 and 45 degree lines in each quadrant.
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Tool Room Charts
Simplify inspection and save money.
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Grid Charts  
Grid Charts
Grid charts turn any optical comparator into a coordinate measuring instrument.
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