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ZONE3 VideoZONE3 Metrology Software Overview
Next generation metrology software from QVI.
SmartScope Quest 650 VideoSmartScope Quest 650
The Quest 650 (same as Vantage) is a high-accuracy, large volume measuring system designed for multisensing.
Scanning Probe with Rotary VideoScanning Probe with Rotary
Automatically acquires data points between user-defined start and end points – regardless of surface complexity – even when the system has no prior knowledge of the path between those points.
Robotic Part Loading VideoRobotic Part Loading to Enhance Productivity
Robotic loading system built to support a SmartScope Flash 200 and a QVI SNAP from OGP
MeasureMind 3D Overview VideoMeasureMind 3D Overview
Multisensor measurement provides high productivity and ultimate flexibility
Three Systems For Medical Device Metrology VideoThree Systems for Medical Device Metrology
Demonstration of SmartScope Specialist, SNAP, and Vici Vision systems for medical device metrology
SmartScope Specialist VideoSmartScope Specialist
Demonstration of a SmartScope Specialist multisensor measurement system
Interferometer VideoInterferometer
Animation showing how an interferometer works
MD&M West 2001 VideoMD&M West 2011
Demonstration of a SmartScope Specialist multisensor measurement system and a Focus Contour Projector at MD&M West
AutoOrient VideoAutoOrient
With the AutoOrient module for MeasureMind 3D, parts can be placed randomly on the system and measured with no operator setup required
SmarkLink VideoSmartLink
Operate OGP SmartScope multisensor systems with your metrology software
SmartProfile VideoSmartProfile
Demonstration of SmartProfile 3D GD&T fitting software
Custom Engineering Pallet Fixture VideoCustom Engineering Pallet Fixture
Measuring parts on a custom pallet fixture
OGP Best Practices VideoOGP Best Practices
Considerations for choosing the appropriate measuring technology for an application
Rotaries VideoRotaries
Demonstration of different rotary configurations
Focus Contour Projectors VideoFocus Contour Projectors
Overview of the new Focus family of Contour Projectors, featuring TruLight all-LED illumination and eCAD
Scanning with TTL Laser VideoScanning with TTL Laser
OGP TeleStar TTL Laser with 200 mm working distance scanning internal surfaces of a large casting
Touch Probe VideoTouch Probe
Measuring a very small gear with a touch probe
Feather Probe VideoFeather Probe
Using Feather Probe to measure small features
Scanning Probe VideoScanning Probe
Acquiring points along a contour using a scanning probe
Dual Rotary VideoDual Rotary
Measuring cooling holes on a turbine blade using a dual rotary
TTL Laser VideoTTL Laser
Scanning the surface of a part with a TTL laser
Interposer VideoInterposer
A hybrid of probing and video measurement
Video Measurement VideoVideo Measurement
Edge detection using video measurement