Good software allows you to get the most from your measurement system. Learn about how OGP software makes OGP measurement systems so popular with people who use them every day.

Metrology Software

Metrology software is the way users interact with our measurement systems. Controlling, monitoring, displaying, and reporting every aspect of the measuring process. Software for OGP systems lets you do as little, or as much as you need from part to part, operation to operation. Extensive sets of automatic tools provide greater capabilities and consistent results 24/7.

The World's Most Comprehensive Multisensor Metrology Software
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MeasureMind 3D Measure-X
MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor
Metrology software with true 3D functionality
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Powerful, easy-to-use metrology software with intuitive interface.
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Supporting Software

Our specialized software programs extend the functionality of OGP metrology software.

MeasureFit SmartCAD 3D
MeasureFit® Plus
Fitting software automatically compares measurement data to CAD files
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 SmartCAD® 3D
SmartCAD® lets you create MeasureMind® 3D Multisensor measurement routines directly from your CAD files, at the system, or offline.
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SmartFit 3D  SmartProfile
SmartFit 3D
Industry-leading GD&T analysis, in three dimensions
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3D GD&T fitting software
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