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SmartCAD® 3D

SmartCAD 3DSmartCAD 3D lets you create MeasureMind® 3D measurement routines directly from your CAD files, at the system, or offline.

Select features from your 3D model - they appear as video images in MeasureMind 3D. Set parameters just like you do when programming live in MeasureMind. Then save your routine, fixture the part, and run it on your SmartScope® system.

SmartCAD 3D helps you:

  • Save time - use your SmartScope while you create routines offline
  • Improve productivity - your SmartScope is always measuring parts
  • Control your manufacturing process - direct interaction with CAD files improves efficiency

SmartCAD 3D is fully compatible with OGP® multisensor technology, including video, laser, and micro-probe sensors.

As Easy & Fast as 1 - 2 - 3!
SmartCAD 3DSmartCAD 3DSmartCAD 3D
Select features to measure on imported CAD model.Set MeasureMind controls using simulated video image.Load your routine on your SmartScope system - fixture your part - and measure!