Introduction to Multisensor Technology

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Do You Multisensor Yet?

New to Multisensing?

It may not be obvious what a multisensor system is, how it is used, or what impact it can have on your manufacturing process. The benefits of multisensing are great and OGP's multisensor systems are the best, so you need to know. Let's learn more about how multisensing can work for you.


What It Is

What is Multisensor Measurement?

Any measurement system uses at least one sensor technology. A sensor collects data points from a part to perform a measurement – it's the probe or detector that "senses" the part. Sensor technologies are contact or non-contact. A sensor that applies pressure to a part – like the familiar touch probe – is a contact sensor.

Non-contact sensors don't actually touch a part to measure it. For example, video measurement systems use cameras to image a part, and then measure the image. Laser scanners measure using optics and detectors to capture laser light reflected from a surface.

New micro-probing technologies, such as OGP Rainbow Probe™ and Feather Probe™, use innovative technologies to do new things. Combining any of these 3D measurement sensors on a single measurement machine – like most OGP SmartScope® systems – makes it a multisensor machine.

How It Works

How Multisensor Measurement Works

Most OGP sensors gather data points in two ways – by acquiring single points, or by scanning multiple points. You're probably familiar with single point acquisition. For example, a traditional touch trigger probe approaches a surface, touches it and collects one data point, then backs off and goes to the next point to repeat the process.

But with OGP scanning technologies, you aren't limited to collecting single points. Many of our sensors scan.

An OGP scanning touch probe, for example, contacts a surface and maintains that contact as it moves across it, collecting data points along the way. Our lasers move a laser spot along a surface, collecting continuous data points to build a surface profile. OGP video systems collect multiple focus points within the optical field of view, and use them to develop a three-dimensional contour map of a surface. "Edge Trace" uses our SmartScope's edge detection capabilities and CNC stage control to scan a part perimeter automatically.

And OGP multisensor metrology systems are smart – they keep their sensors within their respective measurement ranges as the sensors scan varying contours and complex shapes.

Why You Need It

Why Do You Need Multisensor Technology?

The Sensor You Need

A single sensor can't do everything. Different part features lend themselves to measurement by different sensors. Video excels at measuring edges, lasers efficiently characterize surface profiles, touch probe is best for hard-to-reach places, and micro-probes are great for tiny or delicate features. With an OGP SmartScope multisensor metrology system, you can use the best sensor for each situation. The key benefit of multisensor systems is their ability to measure complex dimensional forms and surface relationships that may be impossible for a single-sensor system to capture.

CNC Automation

OGP multisensor systems are automatic. Create a measurement routine and it will run identically every time – no matter how many sensors are used, how many measurement steps are involved, or how many times sensors are changed within the routine. Your operators will be freed up to do other jobs while your OGP system does the work. OGP multisensor automation saves you precious time, effort – and money.

Different Parts, Different Sensors

No matter what you measure, you'll benefit from the capability of OGP SmartScope multisensor systems to more fully characterize parts. If you need to measure a mix of different parts with varying feature sizes and dimensional tolerances, you'll have the sensors you need ready for any situation. Like a Swiss Army knife, our multisensor systems have the measurement tools you need. Whether you're a high volume/low mix or high mix/low volume manufacturer, an OGP SmartScope multisensor system will increase your efficiency.

All-In-One Package

There are several benefits associated with multisensor capability on a single platform, when compared to separate, dedicated, single-sensor platforms. For example, you'll lower your utility costs and use less floor space. Operators will only need to do one setup - saving time and money on fixtures. Operators will also only need to use one metrology software package – the robust, highly-capable MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor – cutting training costs and maximizing efficiency. The bottom line? By using OGP multisensor technology, you get more part information, which leads to improved parts and processes, and yields better quality – the quality your customers expect.

OGP is the Multisensor Source

You owe it to yourself to consider multisensor measurement – from OGP, the multisensor experts.