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Multisensor Systems - Which SmartScope® system is right for me?

Multisensor measurement systems combine optical, laser and tactile sensors, letting you measure parts more completely, with lower uncertainty and in less time with a single system, than you could using multiple specialized measuring systems. This added versatility translates into lower capital expense and lower operating costs.

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OGP Flash CNC Systems

SmartScope Flash CNC Systems

SmartScope® Flash™ CNC systems are the best choice in automatic general purpose dimensional measurement. A high quality, 12:1 zoom lens calibrates itself at every magnification change for consistent measurement accuracy. Innovative solid state illumination sources, color camera, and your choice of QVI metrology software make every Flash CNC model a powerful video measuring system. Every Flash CNC model is multisensor capable, supporting touch probe, laser scanner, and micro-probes.

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OGP Flash 500

SmartScope CNC Systems

The SmartScope CNC dimensional measurement systems offer the best general purpose optical metrology solutions available today. With increased travel and multisensor capabilities, it is no doubt that it will become the most important piece of your measuring equipment. Your productivity and quality are sure to see vast improvements with the introduction of a quality video measurement machine from Optical Gaging Products.

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OGP SmartScope ZIP Systems

SmartScope ZIP Systems

SmartScope ZIP® systems provide capable, field-tested automatic dimensional measurement, making them worldwide favorites in the industrial marketplace. Whether using high-speed video to measure edges, or multisensor technology to measure complex surface profiles, SmartScope ZIP is up to the task. SmartScope ZIP is available in a range of sizes and measurement volumes - from compact benchtops to expansive floor models - so there is sure to be a ZIP to fit your specific measurement needs.

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OGP Quest 650

SmartScope Vantage Systems

SmartScope Vantage machines take automatic measurement to a higher level of capability. Engineered from the ground up for the highest accuracy, Vantage incorporates the latest patented measurement innovations. Whether using industry-leading video or versatile multisensor technology, SmartScope Vantage provides rapid, precise measurements. Vantage fits anywhere in the manufacturing process - from incoming inspection to in-process to First Article to final inspection - to improve your bottom line. 

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OGP Special Purpose Systems

Special Purpose Systems

The SmartScope Special Purpose Systems are designed for applications that need a system with exceptional optical capabilities. These systems offer all the features and benefits of other high accuracy systems at a reasonable price and plenty of advanced optional accessories.

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