StarLite 150

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StarLite 150

StarLite 150QVI StarLite 150 is a low cost video measurement system with the power and ease of use you expect from OGP.

The benchtop system has manual XY stages with coarse and fine adjustments for accurate part positioning at any magnification.

StarLite 150 includes full-featured Measure-X® metrology software with numerous functions for general purpose dimensional measurement, and a powerful, easy-to-use graphical interface. Measure-X guides users through measurement routines with clear pictorial symbols. The exclusive CompuFocus™ feature ensures repeatable focus results from user to user.

XYZ travel of 150 x 75 x 125 mm accommodates a wide range of part sizes.

Key Technologies

  • Measure-X metrology software
  • Optional lens attachments to extend the magnification range
  • 1.0 µm scale resolution
  • High resolution digital color camera
  • Zoom lens with more than 80 mm working distance