SmartScope ZIP Advance 450

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SmartScope ZIP Advance 450

OGP ZIP Advance 450SmartScope ZIP® Advance 450 is a high-resolution, high-accuracy floor model metrology system designed for critical applications and measurement of large parts. Like the benchtop SmartScope ZIP Advance 250, it pairs a 1.0x adapter tube with a 2.0x replacement lens to yield an ample 38 mm working distance and a very large FOV range with unsurpassed imaging resolution. The Vu-Light LED illuminator is paired with the superb Advance optics to provide optimized lighting. Multisensor support, including support for a through-the-lens (TTL) laser, is standard. In addition to offering an XYZ measurement volume of 450x450x200 mm, this system is also available with an optional 610 mm of Y-axis travel.


Every SmartScope ZIP Advance 450 is multisensor capable.

Add multisensor flexibility at any time with touch probe, laser, or micro-probing sensors.

Choose the QVI metrology software best suited to your manufacturing setting.