Quick-Stage Kit

Quick-Stage KitThe Universal Quick-Stage Kit from OGP® is an array of components that provide a quick way of holding and orienting parts on an OGP SmartScope® measurement system. An articulated arm, which may be attached to any of the tapped holes in a measuring system XY stage, accepts a variety of end tooling, and is ball-jointed at both ends with a swivel joint in its center for full 360 degree positioning. One knob tightens or loosens the arm joints in sequence, making part positioning quick, accurate, and secure. As the arm is tightened, its tooling end remains stationary, and when secured the arm itself is as rigid as a solid piece of steel.

Quick-Stage KitThe kit contains:

  • L-shaped nest with T-slots
  • Scissors-jack clamp with clamp blocks for round and flat parts
  • Pin vise chuck 90 degree detented indexer
  • Small parts tweezers and small parts clamp
  • V-block, clamp support arm, and clamp for round parts
  • Wire spring clamps

Technical Data

Part #Description
X-1115Large kit (as described above)
X-1120Small kit (as described above minus small parts clamp, precision chuck, 2 spring clamps and v-block, arm and spring)

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