Touch Trigger Probe

Touch Trigger ProbeSingle point touch trigger probing extends measurement versatility of SmartScope® measurement systems. Using a touch trigger probe, you can measure features that are difficult to image, or surface boundaries that are inaccessible to video.

Touch probe measurements can be part of any QVI® ZONE3® or MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor measurement routine. A unique probe-to-optics offset calibration ensures that all sensors are referenced to the same coordinate system so measurements can use points from any sensor.

Measurement accuracy is assured with a reference sphere and calibration software included with each touch probe accessory package. Touch probes, detachable stylus modules, change racks, and styli may be purchased from OGP®, or you can supply your own. Touch trigger probes are available for SmartScope Quest™, SmartScope Flash™,SmartScope ZIP, and SmartScope ATS systems.

Automatic Docking

Probe Change Under Program Control

Touch Trigger ProbeStandard single point touch probe systems include a probe sensor, a detachable stylus module (DSM), and a 20 mm stylus with a 2 mm ruby ball. To increase versatility of your measurement system, add a 2-, 4-, or 6-position change rack, and fill it with the probes you use most.

Probe access and return is programmable and fully automatic. Simply include probing in your measurement routine and the machine does the rest.

Touch Probe Video

Measuring a very small gear with a touch probe

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