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Tessy Case StudyTessy Plastics
Focus: Using Precision Measurement to Gain Market Share
June 2017
Artifex Solutions Case StudyArtifex Solutions
Focus: Critical in-process inspection effort reduced by 90%
August 2018
FlexPoint Case StudyFlexPoint Case Study
Focus: Machined Optical Assembly Parts
July 2015
ZONE3 Case StudyMedical Case Study
Focus: Variables with Contact Lenses
December 2015
Case Study - Gun BarrelsMetal Cutting Case Study
Focus: Gun Barrels
July 2014
Case Study - Multi-Pin Electrical ConnectorMolded Plastics Case Study
Focus: Multi-Pin Electrical Connector
February 2015
Case Study - Laser HousingMetal Cutting Case Study
Focus: Laser Housing
July 2014
Case Study - Wire EDM PartsMetal Cutting Case Study
Focus: Wired EDM Parts
July 2014
Case Study - Single-Use Medical DevicesMedical Case Study
Focus: Single-Use Medical Devices
March 2014
Case Study - Hydrolic HousingAerospace Case Study
Focus: Hydraulic Housing
July 2014
Case Study - Femoral Component ImplantsMedical Case Study
Focus: Femoral Component Implants
April 2014
Case Study - Stem Tibia ImplantsMedical Case Study
Focus: Stem Tibia Implants
April 2014


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