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MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor
MeasureMind 3D

MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software makes it easy to measure your most complex parts. Intrinsic support of any number of sensors as well as single and compound rotary indexers lets you measure anything from simple geometric forms to complex free-form shapes on properly configured OGP® measurement systems. Use data from any sensor or combination of sensors for 3D measurement of cylinders, cones, spheres, planes, and intersections, in addition to 2D features and relationships.

MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor provides a highly flexible datum environment based on ISO and ASME standards. This includes datum leveling from any plane or feature with an axis, datum origin from any feature with a single location, and datum rotation from any point relative to the origin.

Interactive graphical models of the part support extensive quantitative numerical results. Selectively display measured features, nominal features, and/or raw data points. Choose orthographic or isometric views. See the part model from every perspective with interactive rotation and one-click panning and zooming.


MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor offers extensive tools and PTB-certified algorithms for power programmers, and a point and click User Interface for system operators. People of all skill levels can use MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor for complete 3D measurement.

AutoRun+ For MeasureMind 3D - Optical Gaging Products is committed to providing the latest technology innovations and features to our customers. AutoRun+ is an exciting text language addition to MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor.

AutoRun+ provides higher level capabilities of system control and automation beyond those of other multisensor software packages. With AutoRun+, routines may be associated with specific Coordinate Systems (CS). MeasureMind 3D software automatically detects the presence of AutoRun+ files, then loads, parses and runs the commands contained in those files.

With AutoRun+, you truly have a write once, run anywhere solution for MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor. AutoRun+ can be used for:

  • Multiple fixtured parts having different Coordinate System (CS) specifications.
  • Randomized sample inspection of sample pieces in densely populated fixtures.
  • Randomized sample inspection of features in a densely populated sample piece.


Technical Data/Specifications

MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor is the premier control and acquisition software for select OGP video and multisensor measuring systems. Its features include:

  • Rendered 3D models with color-keyed tolerancing
  • Integral support of continuous contact scanning probe
  • Support for SoftSectioner™
  • Project measured features in selectable planes
  • Supports video image processing, touch probe, laser sensor
  • True fourth and fifth axis measuring with optional rotary tables

See the extensive capabilities of MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor below.

SystemsStandard on SmartScope® Quest™, ATS, and Apex. Optional on SmartScope Flash™.
Image Processing ToolsSingle point - highest contrast or directional scan, weak edge point - minimum, maximum, or average, weak edge lines, arcs, and circles, line scan (follows contour automatically), FeatureFinder® for one click FOV programming, centroid
Autofocus ToolsEdge and surface focus, SmartFocus (first, last, or highest contrast surface within scan), Advanced Focus (automatic optimization of focus algorithm)
Data SensorsVideo image processing, autofocus, touch probe, laser sensors, micro-probes, scanning probe
Coordinate SystemsCartesian (XYZ), polar (RAZ), decimal-degrees or degrees-minutes-seconds, English or metric units, user defined resolution to 5 places
Datum OperationsLevel plane, set alignment, set origin, set any axis to any value, translate origin and rotate axes, construct coordinate system from basic dimensions
Measurement Types2D Point, line, radius, diameter, width, midpoint, angle, included angle, XYZ and straight line distance, gage ball tangent to 2 lines, gage diameter between 2 non-parallel lines

3D Cone, cylinder, plane, sphere, projected angles, included angles, elevation angles, distance, intersections (plane-plane, plane-cylinder, plane-cone)
CNC ControlXYZ stage positioning, magnification (zoom lens systems), illumination source and brightness, rotary table, edge detection and image processing, autofocus, geometric calculation, comparison to nominal values and tolerances, report generation, data export, digital I/O
TolerancesSize (ANSI and ISO), location (true position, concentricity, linear), form (circularity, straightness, flatness, coplanarity, cylindricity), orientation (angularity, parallelism, perpendicularity), profile (arc, line, or plane), MMC and LMC modifiers
Data OutputColor coded on-screen display, configurable hard copy report, default and custom report headers and comments, configurable data export, run-time overrides, print image and model
Graphics ModelReal-time display of measured features, nominal features, and/or raw data points, auto scaling, color coded, interactive rotation, panning, and scaling with mouse, build constructions by picking in model
System ConfigurationPower-up defaults, language, RS232 port configuration, default report and export templates, printer type and port (through Windows™), audible warnings and tones
Data ReductionCalculate from image data or previously measured features, best fit (Gaussian), minimum, or maximum, automatic dirt/defect removal, select active plane for projections
MacrosCopy and Step & Repeat (XYZ or RAZ offsets), math operations, branch on condition, if-then-else logic
Alignment TargetsCalibrated size, interactive re-sizing, crosshair, box, circle, double circle, grid, protractor, and multiple combinations
Image OperationsSave image (24 bit TGA format), print and save image, positive and negative masks, transparent or solid overlays
Calibration UtilitiesZoom lens calibration, optical accessories calibration, nonlinear XYZ stage calibration, autofocus calibration
EditingUndo last step, insert step, delete step, change step, copy step(s), interactive editing while measuring, standard, condensed, and expanded program listings
SPCSeamless integration, configurable data export to third party SPC software
On-line HelpFull featured Windows help, hyperlinks, related topics, index, search
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