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Scan-XScan-X is a powerful, yet easy to use, surface profiling software package that allows you to visualize and make measurements from surfaces. When used online with the Cobra Laser Profile Scanner, Scan-X analyzes laser scan data to produce a high-resolution, two-dimensional profile and/or three-dimensional raster.



You can also use Scan-X offline to evaluate imported laser scan data from external sources, such as a video measuring system. Scan-X has adjustable cursors for quick and easy measurements. You can archive measurement results and utilize playback mode for automatic inspections.

You can perform the following kinds of measurements using Scan-X:

  • Angle
  • Area
  • Center
  • Height
  • Length
  • Primary Cursor Gap
  • Radius
  • Roughness
  • Roundness

Technical Data/Specifications

Coordinate SystemsCartesian (XY), polar (RA), decimal degrees or degrees, minutes, and seconds, English or metric units, user defined resolution to 5 places
Datum OperationsOrigin set and skew alignment, axis preset, translate origin and rotate axes, construct from basic dimensions
Measurement TypesCoordinate point, angle and location of line, size and location of radius or diameter, included angle and intersection point, location and size of width, distance (XY, polar, straight line, point to line), midpoint between features, intersection points between lines and circles, gage ball tangent to two lines, gage line between two non-parallel lines
CNC ControlXY stage positioning (motorized systems), rotary table (if equipped), edge detection, geometric calculation, comparison to nominal values and tolerances, report generation, data export, digital I/O
TolerancesSize (ANSI and ISO), location (true position, concentricity, linear), form (circularity, straightness), orientation (angularity, parallelism, perpendicularity), profile (arc or line), MMC and LMC modifiers
Data OutputColor coded on-screen display, configurable hard copy report, default and custom report headers and comments, configurable data export (RS232 or file), run-time overrides, print graphics model
Graphics ModelReal-time display of measured features, auto scaling, color coded, zoom in/out with mouse, build constructions by picking in model, self prompting playback instructions (manual systems), full CNC operation (motorized systems with edge detection)
System ConfigurationSystem Configuration
Data ReductionCalculate from edge detection data or previously measured features, best fit (Gaussian), minimum, or maximum
MacrosCopy and Step & Repeat (XY or RA offsets), math operations, branch on condition, if-then-else logic
Calibration UtilitiesEdge detection search and near point
EditingUndo last step, insert step, delete step, change step, copy step(s), interactive editing while measuring, standard, condensed, and expanded program listings
On-line HelpFull featured Windows help, hyperlinks, related topics, index, search
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