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SmartFeature lets you run parts of a MeasureMind® 3D routine by simply clicking with your mouse. SmartFeature then runs only these features, automatically setting datums if required. Your original MeasureMind® 3D routine is unchanged.

How it works

SmartFeature works with MeasureMind® 3D metrology software. When you select any subset of the main part routine, SmartFeature saves it as a MASK without altering the original routine. The system measures all required part datums for selected subsets and then measures only the selected features.

User review is simple. A scroll window displays all measured feature results on the monitor at the end of the inspection cycle. Complete flexibility is at your disposal -- without modifying the main part program in any way.

SmartFeature includes 2 system administrator accessibility level tools to ensure that no unauthorized modifications can be made to the inspection routines. Levels for unskilled users, skilled users and supervisors enable the operation to be tailored to your department needs whether based on standard operating policies or government regulations.

User instructions for the inspection system are also addressed in SmartFeature. The programmer can provide text instructions for the operator, a bitmap photo of the part to ensure the correct part is being inspected or even a movie showing how to load the part in a fixture or position it on the measurement system.

SmartFeature software for MeasureMind® 3D allows you to improve your efficiency dramatically while ensuring system robustness and security.

Key Features

  • Run just the key features you need, when you need them.
  • Original MeasureMind® 3D routine is not altered
  • Use on a measuring machine, or use offline to create templates
  • Easily create subroutines for different operators
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