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SoftSectionerSoftSectioner™ from Optical Gaging Products, Inc, is an optical focus technology that uses a pixel-by-pixel best focus scheme to accurately register the Z-height locations at every pixel in direct correspondence to that pixel´s location on the part under test. By dynamically determining the optimal focus for each pixel as the Z-axis is moved through a range, a point cloud of exact XYZ locations is generated in seconds.

SoftSectionerSoftSectioner is easily accessed through a pull-down menu in MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor. With the tool selected, simply select a line, box, or circle to describe the area of data to be collected. Then, use the mouse to define on the live video image where to section. The measurement process is fully automatic.

SoftSectionerSoftSectioner uses a digital analysis method that finds the zero-crossing of the first derivative of the autofocus curve for each pixel. Groups of pixels are averaged to provide an XYZ location that is mapped along with the other pixels within the sampling window. Since SoftSectioner takes advantage of the DSP technology in the video measurement systems, the process is fast and accurate.

Benefits of SoftSectioner

SoftSectioner measures linear profiles or derives topographic maps of surfaces without contact on a video measurement machine. Unlike traditional sectioning where a part is literally sliced in order to see its profile, SoftSectioner uses the precision of digital electro-optical technology and proprietary software algorithms to rapidly section the most delicate and fragile parts. There is no need to destroy a part when using SoftSectioner.

Since SoftSectioner uses pixel outputs, any part of a surface that is imaged by a pixel can be included in a SoftSectioner measurement.

SoftSectioner SoftSectioner


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