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VMS™ Software

Automated Solutions for Process Monitoring and Control Requirements

VMS software presents feature-oriented programming in a standard Windows® interface, effectively bridging the gap between the Q/A lab and the production environment.

VIEW VMSVMS provides extensive capabilities that allow the software to easily handle difficult lighting conditions, weak edges, and part-to-part variability. Advanced features such as Step and Repeat, Local Alignments, CAD Import, and Part Family Programming make complex part layouts easy to set up. VMS also provides a host of customizable features, such as programming variables, branching and looping, and "If then, Else" type statements to make the inspection process adaptable to your quality monitoring needs.

VMS also provides full support for networking and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), enabling direct transfer of measurement data to local and external software and systems, including spreadsheet, database, and SPC programs.

Easy to Use for Programmer and Floor Operator Alike

For the engineer, the feature-rich editing mode in VMS provides all of the functionality and flexibility needed to design highly accurate and repeatable metrology applications for the most demanding of measurement challenges.

VIEW VMSFor the production floor operator, the runtime interface delivers intuitive ease-of-use and minimizes learning curves while maximizing accuracy and productivity. Combined with VIEW Micro-Metrology's VIP run-time interface package, you can create a simple, operator-friendly control panel with automatic data handling and SPC.

Unlike systems that trade off high-end functionality to deliver so-called "ease-of-use," the VMS programming environment and simple run-time operation combine uncompromising programmability with performance-optimized ease of operation.

*Please note VMS Software is not available on SmartScope® Quest™ Machines.

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