Demo Units

OGP Demo Units

OGP is pleased to offer factory equipment utilized solely for demonstration and application testing purposes in our flagship showroom. Unlike machines provided by third-party brokers, auctioneers, or eBay, OGP factory models are available at a competitive discount, backed with a full warranty from the original manufacturer-OGP. 

Why go with an OGP factory demo unit?

  • Quality
    Manufactured by OGP-worldwide, trusted supplier of non-contact and multi-sensor dimensional measuring systems.

  • Assurance
    Full, one-year warranty.

  • Customizable
    Select up-to-date software, accessories, and options to meet your needs.

  • Support
    Quality Vision Services provides technical support, field service, calibration, and upgrade services for all measuring systems manufactured by OGP.

Systems Currently Available

OGP ProductSerial NumberYear BuiltCurrent LocationConfigured Options
CC-14 Optical ComparatorCCP14014152016Customer Center Demo Room10x & 20x Magnification Lenses, QVI Q-Check Digital Readout, Oblique & TTL Surface Illumination, Projectron, Fresnel Lens, Iris, VidiProbe Package, Motorized
Cobra 2DCB2D13232018OGP RochesterDRS 500 Laser
VDMVDM10952015OGP RochesterExtended Depth of Field (EDF Lens) Optics
Snap 100SFC10252018OGP RochesterSingle Magnification, Standard Field of View (78mm)
Snap 200SFD200L10242017Customer Center Demo RoomDual Magnification Optics, Large Field of View (100mm), Motorized, TTL Surface Illumination
Snap 300SFD300L10052018OGP RochesterDual Magnification Optics, Large Field of View (100mm), TTL Surface Illumination
SparkMVP 250RHV25PH10042017Customer Center Demo RoomHigh Density Camera, 2.5x Fixed Microscope Objective Lens, TTL Surface Illumination
SparkMVP 300RHV30010022014On Loan to a OGP DistributorTouch Probe Adapter, TTL Surface Illumination, 2.5 & 5x Fixed Microscope Objective Lens, Grid Projector, Rotary Adapter, Low Angle Vu Light,
SmartScope Flash 200SVL20047852015OGP TempeTTL Laser, Grid Projector, Touch Probe Adapter, Rotary Adapter
SmartScope Flash 302SVL30252062017Customer Center Demo Room12x Zoom Lens, Scanning Probe Adapter, Grid Projector, TTL Surface Illumination, Feather Probe,
SmartScope Zip Lite 250SKL25022882014Customer Center Demo RoomTouch Probe Adapter, DRS 500 Laser
SmartScope Zip AdvanceSK25082842018Customer Center Demo RoomTouch Probe Adapter, Qvi Telestar Laser, Rainbow Probe, Grid Projector, Rotary Adapter
SmartScope Quest 300SQ30014052018OGP TempeScanning Probe Adapter Package, Feather Probe, QVI Telestar Laser, Grid Projector, Rotary Adapter
SmartScope Quest 600SQ60014022017OGP TempeExtended Y-Axis, Extended Z-Axis, Scanning Probe Adapter, Touch Probe Adapter, Feather Probe, QVI Telestar Laser, Dual Rotary Adapter

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