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Large Area, High Accuracy Dimensional Metrology System


A solid granite base, linear motor table transport, and temperature invariant scales delivers outstanding results


Fixed magnification optics with PRL deliver superior image quality

XYZ Travel (mm) Standard

450 x 600 x 150

Summit delivers high accuracy and high measuring speeds for near-line process monitoring and quality assurance applications. High-Speed linear motor XY drives ensure very high productivity on the factory floor. It is ideally suited for measuring large footprint parts such as stencils, flat panel displays, etching sheets, and mask patterns, as well as nested groups of smaller parts. Summit also offers:

  • Built-in Measurement Stability – A fixed granite bridge structure provides vibration isolation and measurement stability for use on the production floor.
  • Optical Interchangeable Lenses – Advanced fixed single-magnification or optional dual-magnification optics, illumination, image processing, and available Continuous Image Capture make it a world-class metrology system.
  • Multisensor Versatility – Optional touch and scanning probes, TTL Laser, and Rainbow Probe.

Technical Data

XYZ Travel (mm)


450 x 600 x 150



Single magnification, fixed lens; 2.5x lens; 1.0x adapter tube


Dual Magnification: Fixed lens optics with field interchangeable front lens
Focus Grid Projector: LED source with Ronchi or Dot pattern
Laser Adapter: Allows for field retrofit of TTL Laser. Includes Laser Pointer
Front Lenses: 1.0x Long Working Distance (LWD), 0.8x, 1.0x, 5.0x, 10.0x,and 25.0x
Factory Installed Adapter Tube: 2.0x (single magnification optics only)



Substage LED profile (green), Coaxial LED surface (green), Multicolor PRL with motorized angle of incidence adjustment (R/G/B)


PRL: All Green, Blue, or White
Continuous Image Capture (CIC)