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QL-30 Contour Projectors

Ultra-High Capacity Optical Comparator

Precise Screen Rotation Ring
Internal Automatic Edge Detection
Available Swing-Away Lamphouse
XY Travel Standard

15” x 9”

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The QL-30™ Contour Projector® is an ultra-high capacity optical comparator that offers a large, bright image and compact footprint while still being able to handle the largest, heaviest parts. With the 30-inch diameter screen at eye level and easy access to parts and fixtures and standard mercury-arc profile lighting, the QL-30 is designed to provide great performance right where it is needed. QL-30 offers:

Standard mercury-arc profile lighting and optional mercury-arc surface light

Highly accurate rotational measurements – Precise rotary screen ring

Long-term reliability – Rigid construction and heavy-duty components

Full automation – Optional VidiProbe video measurement and eCAD® virtual chart gage systems

Technical Data

XY Travel


15” x 9”


15” x 10”, 18” x 9”, 18” x 10”




Profile Light


Coaxial Light


30” diameter ground glass screen, with mounts in a precision metal rotary screen ring, 90° centerlines and clips for mounting standard overlay chart



Motorized, heavy-duty nickel-clad cast-iron with dovetail slot


±7.5° helix angle range

Options and Accessories