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Programmable Multi-Sensor, Fixed lens automatic video measurement systems

SparkMVP™ systems are programmable multisensor video metrology systems. Distinguished by exceptional fixed magnification microscope lenses, SparkMVP excels at imaging fine features requiring higher magnifications. Coupled with the accurate and robust universal Z slide, the high accuracy optics provide outstanding auto-focus performance.

Optional enhancements to the optical system include a through-the-lens (TTL) laser, and grid-projector. The TTL laser provides high speed and high accuracy for single focus points as well as scanning, critical when point density must be high to accurately characterize the feature being measured. The grid-projector casts a shadow on the surface enabling the SparkMVP to focus on almost any surface, even clear surfaces, with outstanding accuracy and repeatability. Touch probe is available as is a docking station. Measure-X software provides powerful programming capability for all sensors, and an easy to use operator interface, making the SparkMVP a high power, versatile metrology system.

High accuracy and speed. Mag changes are digital, and instantaneousHigh resolution fixed optics system
Optimize mag range and field of view to best suit the applicationInterchangeable objective lenses from 1x to 5x magnification
Optimum image contrast for video measurementGreen LED illumination for backlight, white coaxial surface light and programmable 8 sector / 5 ring VectorLight.
Multisensor VersatilityOptional TTL laser, Touch probe, grid projector and rotary indexers