Laser Profiling Systems

Non-Contact Laser Profiling Systems

Our Cobra™ Laser Profiling systems from QVI use low-power laser lights to measure height, area, slope, and radius. These laser profilers are ideal for a variety of applications where non-contact measurement is critical to ensure integrity for your parts while measuring to precise accuracies.

The QVI Lazer 200 is an innovative non-contact measuring system that uses laser scanning and video support for surface topography measurements.

Cobra 2D

Cobra 2D

Portable laser scanner for high resolution linear profiles. Ideal for fragile parts.

Cobra 3D

Cobra 3D

Combines features of Cobra 2D with motorized X axis for 3D scanning.

Lazer 200

QVI Lazer 200

Innovative non-contact measuring system that uses laser scanning with video.

Please feel free to contact the authorized OGP Representative in your area to learn more, schedule an application study or a personal demonstration.