b'MULTISENSOR MEASUREMENTSSM ARTSCOPESmartScope ZIPSmartScope ZIP systems offer superior optical performance and numerous sensor options for multisensor versatility. These systems feature a motorized 7:1 zoom optical system with a range of lens and back tube configurations to suit a wide variety of applications. The AccuCentric reticle auto-compensates the optics after every magnification change. All LED coaxial, substage profile, and SmartRing light illumination is standard.ZIP HR 250 offers advanced imaging and illumination through a 5-megapixel monochrome digital camera and a programmable ring light (PRL) that provides the ability to automatically change the angle of incidence.OPTICAL SENSORS/ACCESSORIES TACTILE PROBES LASER SENSORSSmartScope ZIP systems offer many multisensor options. Visit ogpnet.com/ZIP for details. SmartScope ZIP 250 SmartScope ZIP 300 SmartScope ZIP 450SmartScope ZIP 635 SmartScope ZIP 800 SmartScope ZIP HR 250HIGHLIGHTSFlexible Illumination Configurable OpticsWorlds Most Popular SmartScope15'