b'GLOBAL SERVICE AND SUPPORTTechnical Support & Field ServiceOGP/QVS is the official factory technical support and service team for OGP in North America, headquartered in Rochester, NY. The OGP/QVS teams goal is to keep your systems operating in peak condition. There are skilled technicians located throughout the United States who are compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements for field service and calibration.Calibration Lab In order to maintain and further enhance our systems precision measurement capabilities, in 2020 OGP(QVS/QVI) developed and opened our own fully accredited Line Scale Calibration Laboratory. The depicted line scale calibration bench within that tightly controlled lab, has a Calibration and Measurement Capability Uncertainty (CMC) as low as 22 nm, (officially per independent audit Q[22, .072L] with L in mm; 2400 mm total length) this line scale bench is of a national lab level capability available to our representatives and customers for the measurement of optical calibration artifacts. At the time of this writing, for line scale lengths longer than 314 mm, this CMC claim is smaller than that of the expanded uncertainty claimed by NIST itself. The line scale bench uses laser interferometry as well as tight measurement and control of temperature, pressure andhumidity to achieve these extremely low uncertainties.45'