b'METROLOGY SOF T WAREZONE3ZONE3 Advanced Video Tools Parallel ProcessingZONE3 metrology software puts the power of OGPs 30+ years ofmultisensor experience into your measurement system for faster,easier and more productive measurements than ever before. Area Multi-FocusZONE3 is fast. Synchronous, full field image processing andhigh-speed cameras allow entire scenes to be measured instantly.ZONE3 is capable. Full multisensor capability, including scanninglaser and scanning probe support, GD&T and custom scripting.ZONE3 is easy to learn. Regardless of which member of the ZONE3 family you use Express, Prime, Pro or Offlinealignments, measurements and constructions are showngraphically in real time. Offline programming of any sensor allows parts to be continuously measured while newprograms are written. The same procedures are used for all sensors. Learn one, youve learned them all.Manual MeasurementUse manual targets to make quick and easy walk-up measurements.No need to set up a part or import a CAD file.Manual measurements can be read directly off the DRO. Use FeatureExtractor to automatically identify and measure features visible within the FOV.With one click, all prominent features are displayed as flyouts in the video window.Interactively hover over features to see relationships to other geometries.Automatic Edge Analysis ToolsFeatureFinder enables you to measure practically any kind of edge quickly and easily. When you select an edge from the video image, it automatically finds the points along the selected geometric shape (line, arc or circle), performs all the edge analyses, and displays the measurements.Parallel Processing combined with intelligent routine Optimization allows the simultaneous measurement of as many features as can be seen.Visual Validation: Guiding You Through the Measurement ProcessZONE3 previews offer visual validation of each operation before its executed. You get immediate visual feedback so common errors and unintended consequences are avoided.Two different outcomes based on the users selectionConstructions of bolt hole circle and maximum of Datums A-B-C (left), or A-C-B (right). distance between two holes in that circle.Path Generation ReportingZONE3 AutoPath uses CAD nominals to automatically create anZONE3 recognizes ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101 optimal path for each measurement. AutoPath is fully multisensorstandards for GD&T.capable. Use AutoPath with any sensor. Animated tolerance zones* allow you to visualize the Video Touch Probe Laser specified tolerance condition.Specialized modules are available for Roughness, Gear, and Thread Evaluation Results can be output to PDF, Excel, or graphicallyto truly visualize the result.*US Patent Number 8 793 097 B2 43'