b'SPECIALIZED SYSTEMSFLEXGAUGE | L A ZER | COBR AFlexGaugeItaca FlexGauge systems offer flexibility for users who need measuring systems and software for small, high precision parts or families of parts. Itaca FlexGauge provides performance advantages and cost savings when compared to traditional hard gauging systems. FlexGauge systems are designed to provide fast, accurate measurements on the manufacturing floor. A rugged alternative to custom gauging systems. FlexGauge C-Series FlexGauge T-SeriesTACTILE PROBESVisit ogpnet.com/FlexGauge for details. LazerLazer systems are benchtop systems that utilize the DRS Laser for scanning in 3 axes. Based on the Flash 200 elevating bridge platform, Lazer systems include an on-axis video camera allowing use of image processing tools to accurately measure datum targets and fiducials, and choose a specific measuring location/position.Lazer 200OPTICAL SENSORS/ACCESSORIES LASER SENSORSVisit ogpnet.com/Lazer for details.CobraCobra Laser Profiling systems use low-power laser lights to measure height, area, slope, and radius. These laser profilers are ideal for a variety of applications where non-contact measurement is critical to ensure integrity for your parts while measuring to precise accuracies.Cobra 2D Cobra 3DLASER SENSORSVisit ogpnet.com/Cobra for details. 41'