b'MULTISENSOR MEASUREMENTSSM ARTSCOPESmartScope QuestSmartScope Quest systems are designed to provide the best performance and the highest accuracy in three-dimensional multisensor measurement. The TeleStar 10:1 zoom optical system offers the best optical performance of any zoom system offered by OGP. TeleStar optics are completely telecentric throughout their range, for distortion-free, high fidelity images ideal for high accuracy measurement. The AccuCentric reticle auto-compensates the optics after every magnification change.All green LED coaxial, substage profile, and SmartRing light illumination is standard. OPTICAL SENSORS/ACCESSORIES TACTILE PROBES LASER SENSORSSmartScope Quest systems offer many multisensor options. Visit ogpnet.com/Quest for details. SmartScope Quest 250 SmartScope Quest 300 SmartScope Quest 450SmartScope Quest 650 SmartScope Quest 800HIGHLIGHTSTeleStar Plus (TTL) Laser Dual-Axis Rotary Indexers Deployable Articulating PH10Part C BA#1 #219'