b'EVALUATION SOF T WAREEVOLVEEVOLVE Software SuiteThe EVOLVE software suite from OGP optimizes design, production and inspection processes enabling manufacturers to shorten product design and development time, improve quality, and reduce costs through improved efficiency. EVOLVE uses a parts three dimensional CAD model as the basis for all tolerance evaluations, statistics and manufacturing data.BENEFITSOne understanding and consistent use of the language of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Geometrical Product Specification (GPS).Designers get assistance and help directly in the model they are working on.Reduce rework costs of design changes by getting them right the first time.One standards rules engine for all users reduces uncertainty from differing software algorithms.Seamlessly move models downstream and upstream.Normalize inspection processes with hardware independent software.EVOLVE Design is Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tolerancing software that helps design engineers apply GD&T (GPS) tolerances to their CAD models correctly.EVOLVE Design proofs GD&T (GPS) tolerances directly in the model. It highlights potential tolerancing problems and provides recommendations through explanatory systems that show relevant guidance based on the chosen GD&T (GPS) standard.EVOLVE Manufacturing helps identify systematic problems with manufactured parts and recommends solutions to minimize manufacturing errors while improving the part design GD&T (GPS).EVOLVE Manufacturing helps determine why a part has failed during the GD&T evaluation and which corrective actions can fix the manufacturing process to avoid future failures.EVOLVE SmartProfile from OGP is the worlds leading dimensional analysis software. SmartProfile provides guidance for adding or modifying part design tolerances based on actual part inspection results. It combines measurement data with the CAD model of the part and automatically runs GD&T or GPS evaluations. Its rich set of tools allow engineers to analyze and solve complex manufacturing problems.EVOLVE SPC is a full statistical process control software solution usable as a standalone product with existing measuring systems or integrated into the EVOLVE Suite.Statistical information is presented in the 3D CAD model as tables and graphs of individual features or of the entire model, making it easier to see process variations by characteristic.44'