b'INTRODUCTION75+ Years of Transforming Dimensional MetrologyOGP is Founded 194577 years ago in Rochester, NYProjectron 1956 The rst electronic edge detection system for optical Vidicom Qualier comparatorsFirst sub-pixel gray1980scale processing vision systemVidiprobe Contour 1984 Projector First video projector Intelligenthybrid systemQualier 2000First multisensor1986geometric feature extraction algorithmSmartScope measurement system Launched1991 Color video camera, digital overlay charts, and programmable AccuCentriczoom optics Innovation 1994First self-calibrating zoom lens SmartScope Flash Debut2000 Elevating bridge design with embedded SmartRing Light TeleStar Zoomsurface illumination Lens 2002 exibilityTelecentric 10:1 zoom lens introduced TeleStar TTL Laser Launched2010 First interferometric, long working distance, ZONE3 Metrology Softwarehigh accuracy, Introduced through-the-lens (TTL) ComprehensivelaserCAD based2014multisensor userVersaFlex experiencePatented articulating 2018 all in one three sensor (Telecentric Video, Scanning Probe, and Interferometric Laser) probe head7'