b'HIGH PERFORM ANCE FIXED OP TICS SYSTEMSBenchmark, Pinnacle, and SummitBenchmark, Pinnacle and Summit systems combine high accuracy transport and optical technologies with advanced software and customized application support to satisfy the unique demands of process monitoring near the production line. These systems offer a choice between single or dual magnification fixed lens optical systems. All LED coaxial, substage profile, and Programmable Ring Light (PRL) illumination is standard. In addition to programmable intensity and direction of illumination, the PRL offers the ability to automatically change the angle of incidence and color of the illumination. OPTICAL SENSORS/ACCESSORIES TACTILE PROBES LASER SENSORSFixed optic systems offer many mutlisensor options. Visit ogpnet.com/FixedOptics for details. BenchmarkPinnacle Summit HIGHLIGHTSContinuous Image Capture (CiC) Strobing Area Multi-Focus Digital Megapixel Cameras Y axis X axisZ-height21'