b'SENSORS AND PROBESThe Multisensor LineupSee Page 5 for Complete Icon LegendArticulating Probe Feather Probe Head (PH10M PLUS) Provides access to small For the ultimate in probingfeatures that are inaccessible flexibility use either a touchto video measurement or trigger or scanning probe with aconventional touch probes, PH10M PLUS articulating head.or too sensitive to withstand traditional probing forces.Scanning ProbeTouch Probe (TP20/(SP25M) TP200)Provides continuous contactTouch trigger contact probing scanning which offers high- allows for measurement of speed data gathering onpart surfaces that cannot be complex surfaces, large or smallmeasured with optics or lasers.variations in surface contours.Video Sensors Grid ProjectorFast, non-contact videoGrid Projector enables accurate measurement, the coreautofocus on reflective surfaces technology of SmartScopefor easy, fast focuseven on systems, provides high accuracymirror polished metal.and repeatability for defined dimensions.Rotary Indexers Triangulation Laser(4th & 5th Axis) These lasers excel at fast and Rotary indexers can beaccurate Z-axis point acquisition. mounted together with their axisUse a laser for height, depth perpendicular to one another toand planar measurements, or add two axes of part positioning.for surface profiling on complex The part under inspection iscurves and surfaces. attached to the secondary rotary, which is mounted to the primary rotary.Rainbow Probe TeleStar Interferometric Rainbow Probe easily measuresSensorstransparent, translucent, fragile,TeleStar Sensors offer sub-liquid or easily deformablemicron resolution, providing surfaces and are mountedexcellent performance on both in mechanical deploymentspecular and light-scattering mechanisms so they can bediffuse surfaces. Sensors may retracted when not in use. be through-the-lens (TTL) or off-axis (TeleStar Probe).27'