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Itaca FlexGauge Systems

Automatic Shop Floor High Precision Gaging

Itaca systems specialize in flexible measuring systems and software for applications requiring tactile probing. Compared to traditional hard gauging set-ups, our Itaca FlexGauge line of systems offer unique advantages in performance and cost of ownership.

Itaca FlexGauge systems offer flexibility for users who need measuring systems and software for small, high precision parts or families of parts. Itaca FlexGauge provides performance advantages and cost savings when compared to traditional hard gauging systems. FlexGauge systems are designed to provide fast, accurate measurements on the manufacturing floor. A rugged alternative to custom gauging systems.

Unique Probe ConfigurationSingle or Dual Probe options configured specifically for the application
High Speed ProbingStable granite support structure and air bearing motion
Shop Floor Friendly Built-In Thermal Compensation