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OGP Portal: Navigation Panel

Easy Access to Software

OGP Portal: Navigation Panel

The Portal navigation panel provides easy access to all OGP software on your system with the ability to easily switch between measurement applications.

With the Portal, the system can be equipped with multiple metrology software applications and includes the ICE application, which provides a single place for all configuration and compensation functions for the system to be used across all software packages.

Portal user access permissions are linked to Windows groups and the domain that each group is resident on. Users can be assigned permissions to launch specific software applications and may be further restricted regarding access rights within those individual software applications. Within ZONE3, user access permissions can be set to allow or restrict access to specific functions based on the individual user.

Portal also allows setting specific software applications to be inaccessible to certain users and for software to be launched automatically upon startup.

Portal is included on all SmartScope, Fusion, Lazer, and FlexPoint systems.