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Sensors & Accessories

OGP has consistently led the industry with a succession of innovative systems and sensors to tackle even the most difficult measurement challenges

Tactile Probes

By using a scanning probe or by single point probing with a touch trigger probe on select OGP video and multisensor measuring systems, you can access features that are difficult for video measurement, or beyond the range of other sensors. Scanning provides data on simple and complex surface contours.

Optical Sensors & Accessories

Modern advancements in camera and optic technology makes video measurement a pragmatic choice when considering a multisensor metrology solution that is both fast and accurate. Video measurement systems today offer telecentric optics, high resolution cameras, through-the-lens laser scanning, and supplemental tactile probes to provide full measurement capability ranging from compact, benchtop systems to high capacity models. Combining both optical, laser, and tactile measurement methods would be a sound strategy for creating future benefits, by minimizing the need for multiple measurement systems.

Rotary Indexers

Symmetric parts and parts with important features on many sides can be fully characterized on our measurement systems with rotary indexers. Available with different capacities and resolutions, as well as simple and compound configurations, rotaries allow complete 4 and 5 axis measurement in a single setup.