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EVOLVE Software Suite Overview

Model-Based Family of Software

The EVOLVE software suite from OGP optimizes design, production and inspection processes enabling manufacturers to shorten product design & development time, improve quality, and reduce costs through improved efficiency.

Applying, Communicating, and Evaluating Product Tolerances

If you deal with geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), EVOLVE software helps you improve your product tolerances across your enterprise from design to volume manufacturing processes.

Today’s manufacturing world is increasingly complex and demanding, with global supply chains and worldwide manufacturing locations. There are numerous opportunities for miscommunication that can affect product quality. Model Based Enterprises (MBE) take advantage of Model Based Definitions (MBD) to improve communication about product design intent across all functions and operations. Effectively communicating product design intent across the enterprise improves efficiency saving time and money, while protecting the value of intellectual property.

Whether a designer is struggling with the proper application of GD&T on a part, or a manufacturing engineer is trying to understand why a machine operation is reaching an out-of-tolerance condition, or a quality person is trying to validate that a part is within specifications, the OGP EVOLVE suite provides them with answers that are easily shared across the entire organization.

The suite consists of:

EVOLVE DesignHelps and guides Designers apply GD&T in CAD models correctly

EVOLVE ManufacturingIdentifies systematic errors and minimizes out of tolerance conditions

EVOLVE SmartProfile Evaluates measurement data and CAD models for GD&T compliance

EVOLVE SPC Visualize Statistical Process data against 3D CAD models for easy interpretation


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