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Feather Probe

Micro-Touch Probing to Measure Fragile or Miniature Features

Feather Probe™ from OGP provides access to small features that are inaccessible to video measurement or conventional touch probes, or too sensitive to withstand traditional probing forces, by using a specific sensing technology to determine when a resonating stylus has come close enough to a surface to dampen its resonance. This sensor can acquire a data point with only milligrams of force making it perfect for fragile components.

With available styli as small as 0.125 mm, Feather Probe is able to access minute features inaccessible to traditional touch probes.

Mounted on a motorized deployment mechanism, the stylus is automatically deployed and retracted to a safe location when not in use.

Ball Material
Effective Working Length
0.125 mmBallTungsten40 mm10 mm
0.127 mmBallRuby18.6 mm2.0 mm
0.150 mmBallRuby18.6 mm2.0 mm
0.3 mmBallRuby38 mm10 mm
0.6 mmBallRuby28.8 mm10 mm
1.0 mmBallRuby30.3 mm30 mm
1.6 mmBallDelrin30.7 mm30 mm

Technical Data

Supported Touch Probes

Ruby, Teflon, and Tungsten stylus as small as 0.100 mm



Automatic motorized deployment mechanism


Fixed position offset from the optics