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TeleStar Plus Through-the-Lens (TTL) laser

Long Working Distance, High Resolution Interferometric Range Sensor

TeleStar Plus Through-the-Lens (TTL) laser

The TeleStar® Plus TTL laser has a unique interferometric sensing technology that yields a high measurement resolution, accuracy and capability in Fusion, SmartScope SP, and SmartScope Quest / Vantage systems. Additionally, the Telestar Plus TTL laser offers:

High resolution scanning – Interferometric sensing technology yields high measurement resolution, accuracy and capability

Measure deep surfaces – Very long working distance allows measurement of surfaces not accessible to other sensors; optional 0.45x lens yields a 200 mm working distance

TTL convenience – TeleStar Plus TTL laser is coaxial with system optics, allowing use over the full range of XY travel

Measure all surface textures – Ideal for measuring a wide range of part surfaces, from diffuse light scattering surfaces to translucent surface

Laser Lens
Capture Range
Spot Size
Working Distance
Quest/Vantage (Standard)0.10 µm800 µm5 µm71 mm
Quest/Vantage 2.0X (Optional)0.2 µm600 µm3.8 µm34 mm
Quest/Vantage 4.0X (Optional)0.3 µm400 µm2.4 µm19 mm
Quest/Vantage 0.5X (Optional)0.25 µm1400 µm7.3 µm130 mm
Quest/Vantage 0.45X (Optional)0.45 µm2000 µm10 µm200 mm
SP (Standard)0.15 µm800 µm5 µm90 mm
SP 2.0X (Optional)0.2 µm600 µm3.8 µm38 mm
SP 5.0X (Optional)0.3 µm400 µm2.4 µm19 mm
Fusion 0.3 µm800 µm5 µm185 mm