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IntelliCentric Optics

Remarkable image quality with instantaneous magnification changes

IntelliCentric Optics

IntelliCentric™ optical systems consist of fixed lens optics combined with a megapixel metrology camera and digital zoom to provide a high resolution image engineered for video edge detection metrology.

Offering the same magnification ranges as traditional motorized zoom optical systems, IntelliCentric optics are fully telecentric throughout the entire magnification range with extremely low distortion throughout the field-of-view. These attributes are inherent to the optical design and result in extremely accurate video measurements at all magnification levels. Magnification changes are instantaneous with no light intensity adjustment needed resulting in increased throughput.

All LED coaxial, substage profile, and SmartRing™ light illumination is included with IntelliCentric optics.

Combined with Measure-X® metrology software, IntelliCentric optics on SmartScope® systems take full advantage of OGP’s industry leading edge detection and autofocus algorithms for advanced video metrology.

E 8.10 lens is included standard with all SmartScope E-Series systems.
High-mag E 4.5 and wide FOV E 16.20 lenses are optional add-ons to E-Series systems.
IntelliCentric E Optics feature instantaneous magnification changes, allowing for high throughput measurements
IntelliCentric E Lens
E 4.5
E 8.10
E 16.20
Lens Type
High MagnificationStandardWide FOV / Long Working Distance
Max Diagonal Field-of-View
4 mm8 mm16 mm
5 µm10 µm20 µm
Magnification Range
1.8X - 7.6X0.9X - 3.8X0.5X - 1.9X
Low Mag Field-of-View
3.5 mm x 2.6 mm7.0 mm x 5.2 mm14.0 mm x 10.4 mm
High Mag Field-of-View
0.85 mm x 0.65 mm1.7 mm x 1.3 mm3.4 mm x 2.6 mm
Working Distance
31 mm62 mm110 mm