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A new generation of large format multisensor CMMs

FlexPoint™ is the new generation of multisensor coordinate measuring machines from OGP®. FlexPoint offers a unique combination of sensors, and CAD based programming, to solve a wide variety of dimensional measurement problems.

FlexPoint systems are available in sizes from 7.7.6 to 12.30.10 and feature VersaFlex – the patented sensor array offering up to three simultaneously available sensors on an articulating head. Measure parts with trusted scanning probe, telecentric optics, and 1 μm accuracy TeleStar interferometric laser – without the downtime of exchanging sensors and constantly recalibrating.

Having all sensors available for immediate use eliminates the need for time consuming tool changes. CAD programmable articulation of the VersaFlex™ creates optimum positioning and alignment of all sensors. Parts normally requiring multiple machines for complete inspection, are efficiently measured on the FlexPoint, improving accuracy and speed. The high speed, air bearing, bridge transport employs active thermal compensation and is well suited to the factory floor.

Selecting the optimum sensor for each measurement and align it to the part as required. No need to drive to a change rack for a different sensor Gain speed and accuracy. Eliminate the need for multiple machines VersaFlex™ articulating multi sensor array
Bring high speed accurate measuring capability to the shop floorHigh speed, air-bearing, bridge transports with active temperature compensation. Machine accuracy verification performed according to ISO 10360
Programming easily mastered, address complex GD&T with immediate feedback of measured results ZONE3 Metrology Software- Same programming methods for all sensors, GD&T support for ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101, and model based graphical reporting.