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Through the Lens Laser

An integrated laser option for OGP measurement systems

Through the Lens (TTL) Laser

Through-the-Lens Lasers offer a non-contact method for measuring surfaces, using point focus for single-point measurements or scanning for multi-point measurements. TTL lasers offer:

TTL convenience – The TTL laser is coaxial with system optics, allowing use for measurement or as a laser pointer

Use with other sensors – Switch instantaneously between video and laser measurements

Long working distance – Scan surfaces without risk of striking a part or fixture

Auto tracking – The laser dynamically adjusts the Z-axis to track part contours automatically

Laser lens included – A laser lens that enhances laser and video performance is included

The TTL laser can focus its light very precisely, providing a small spot size and accurate surface focus when measuring parts on OGP SmartScope® Flash and SmartScope ZIP as well as Advanced Production Systems.
TTL laser light is projected through the imaging optics to the surface being measured. The light reflects from the part surface through the lens into a dedicated detector. The steep imaging angle of TTL laser provides access to surface features that are recessed or located adjacent to vertical surfaces.
Laser Lens
Measuring Range
Spot Size
Working Distance
SmartScope 2.0X (Standard)0.4 µm500 µm8 x 6 µm38 mm
SmartScope 5.0X (Optional)0.2 µm80 µm3 x 1.2 µm19 mm
Fixed Optics 2.5X (Standard) 0.5 µm600 µm16.3 x 8 µm34 mm
Fixed Optics 5X (Optional) 0.2 µm280 µm8.2 x 4 µm33.5 mm
Fixed Optics 10X (Optional) 0.1 µm80 µm4.5 x 1.3 µm20 mm