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SmartScope E45

Fully Automatic Floor Model Measurement System that Sets the Standard for 3-Axis Video Measurement

High-Resolution Image

The fixed lens IntelliCentric™ optical system provides a high-resolution image

Digital Zoom

The digital zoom provides instant, crisp magnification of the image

XYZ Travel (mm) Standard:

500 x 450 x 200 mm

More XYZ travel info >

SmartScope® E45 sets the standard for 3-axis video measurement performance.

The fixed lens IntelliCentric™ optical system and digital zoom provide a high resolution image engineered for video edge detection metrology.

Advanced Lighting – All LED coaxial, substage profile, and SmartRing™ light illumination comes standard

Sturdy, Stable Construction – Parts move on a precision DC motor-driven Y-axis stage while the optics travel in the X-axis mounted on a rigid bridge support structure for metrological integrity.

Multisensor Versatility – Optional TP-20 and TP-200 touch probes

Technical Data

XYZ Travel (mm)


500 x 450 x 200 mm


Extended Y axis, 610 mm; extended Z axis, 300 mm



Fixed optical magnification with digital zoom, E 8.10 standard lens


E 4.5 high magnification lens, E 16.20 wide field-of-view / long working distance lens


Substage LED profile, coaxial LED surface, SmartRing™ LED ring light


Sensors & Accessories

Tactile Sensors
Touch Probe
Rotary Indexers


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