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c-vision Floor Model Video Contour Projector

The ultimate, shop-floor hardened, high payload capacity video contour projector

Available LED TTL Surface Lighting
4" Field of View
Manual Fine Rotary Adjustment Knob
Available Swing-Away Lamphouse
XYZ Travel Standard

15” x 9” x 2”

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c-vision™ Floor Model Video Contour Projector® – the ultimate shop floor measuring system. Its high payload capacity puts advanced automatic video measurement to work for large, heavy parts.  Precision optics and Measure-X™ Compare electronic overlay charts make comparative inspections easy. c-vision Floor Model offers:

Accurate Image with exceptionally low distortion over 4-inch field of view viewing area – Telecentric optics optical system with advanced digital imaging technology, dual magnification with motorized turret and up to 4 inches large field of view and 3 inch large depth of field

Shop hardened and convenient – Tough construction, high load capacity, and large viewing screen for shop floor use. Includes a large travel 15” x 9” motorized XY table motion with precision linear scales and manual fine adjusters as well as integrated controller with keyboard mounted on a convenient fold-down tray

Create and run measurement routines, perform “walk-up and measure” tasks as well as fitting the measurement data to 2D CAD for profile and GD&T analysis – Measure-X Compare virtual chart gage software displays both standard and custom overlay charts

Technical Data

XYZ Travel


15” x 9” x 2”


15” x 10” x 2”
18” x 9” x 2”
18” x 10” x 2”



Telecentric, upright and corrected image with 4-inch low mag field of view and 4X high mag lens


10X high mag lens in lieu of 4X



Profile Light


Coaxial Light

Oblique Surface Illumination



Motorized, heavy-duty nickel-clad cast-iron with dovetail slot


±7.5° helix angle range



OGP c-vision Product Explainer Video