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SNAP 200

Compact, Large Field of View Video Measuring Machine with Motorized X Stage

Telecentric Optics

Ensure accurate part measurements in shop conditions


Easily recognize any known parts in the field of view

Max Measuring Range (mm) Standard

250 x 100 mm

SNAP™ 200 is a compact unit equipped with a Large FOV Telecentric lens and a motorized stage with a 250 x 100 mm measuring area. Dual-Mag optics increase capability by providing a much larger magnification range, even within a program. Measure-X™ metrology software supports simple “walk up and measure” use, comparison to an electronic overlay, creation and running of automatic programs, including complex measurements and GD&T. AutoID limits operator requirements.

  • Large FOV, telecentric dual magnification optics
  • Collimated back-light, programmable ring light, and coaxial surface light
  • Motorized axes with up to 250 x 100 mm measuring range
  • Measure-X Metrology Software
  • Optional ZONE3 Metrology Software

Technical Data

Max Measuring Range (mm)


250 x 100 mm


Telecentric, dual optical magnification with 100 mm low mag field of view and 4X high magnification lens


All LED monochromatic substage profile light, programmable 8 sector ring light, and coaxial through-the-lens surface light.

Sensors & Accessories

Rotary Indexers


OGP SNAP Product Explainer Video
OGP SNAP Demo Video