OGP® pioneered multisensor measurement with vision, touch probe and laser sensors. For over 75 years, OGP has consistently led with a succession of innovative systems and sensors to tackle the most difficult measurement challenges, especially as it pertains to the medical industry. Multisensor metrology is a preferred quality control technology for manufacturers to develop, maintain, and improve the quality of medical devices.

OGP systems are used in the manufacturing of ventilators, personal protective equipment, test equipment and other hospital equipment used in the fight against COVID-19.

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SNAP 200

SNAP 200

c-vision Floor Model

C-Vision Floor Model

SmartScope Quest/Vantage 300

SmartScope Quest 300

SmartScope Flash 500

SmartScope Flash 500

Precision Multisensor Metrology Systems

Success Story

Tessy Plastics Case Study

SmartScope Systems

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Demo Units

Demo Units from OGP

Welcome to OGP. We are a division of Quality Vision International (QVI) – the world's largest vision metrology company. We pride ourselves on the dimensional metrology systems we provide to assure high accuracy and reliability. Manufacturers around the world rely on OGP systems and people to assure the quality of their products – let us assure the quality of yours.


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