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Medical diagnostics manufacturer improves efficiencies with SmartScope® Flash 200

About the company

Apacor is a pre-analytical medical diagnostics manufacturer that uses state-of-the-art quality control and robotics technology to supply high-quality components to a range of medical and veterinary companies throughout the world.

The Challenge

Apacor invested in a SmartScope Flash 200 multisensor metrology system from OGP® UK. This allowed them to measure their intricate and complex components faster, more accurately, and more consistently.

As a producer of critical intricate components, Apacor needed to ensure that their measurement data was accurate, reliable, and consistent. The company was looking to upgrade their measurement machines to the latest technology to improve their overall inspection process.

Jamie Doran, Production Manager at Apacor explained, “The main challenge we were facing before the OGP machine was inconsistent measurements between operators. We also had trouble measuring more complex elements of our components, such as internal diameters, and we needed accurate measurements to ensure what we were measuring was correct.”

The OGP Solution

Apacor invested in a SmartScope Flash 200 multisensor measurement system from OGP UK to allow them to guarantee accurate, reliable, and consistent quality of their components.

The SmartScope Flash 200 is a unique, high-capacity benchtop multisensor measurement system that thrives in challenging manufacturing settings. Its robust design ensures stability and high accuracy, even in the most strenuous conditions.

“We approached a few different companies when looking into optical measurement technology”, said Doran. “We looked at the SmartScope Flash 200 from OGP UK which was perfect for our needs. The bed size perfectly fits all of our components and the lighting features have allowed us to measure diameters and measurements that we couldn’t measure with just a vernier.”

The Results

Investing in a multisensor metrology system from OGP has allowed Apacor to enhance their inspection processes and upgrade to the latest metrology software enhancements. Apacor is now able to ensure they meet their industry’s high-level requirements when measuring their intricate components.

Doran noted, “The SmartScope Flash 200 has exceeded our requirements. The OGP machine gives us the ability to meet the requirements and regulations we have to adhere to and ensures that our products are of the highest quality. We originally brought it in to measure components for tools we receive to ensure they are within specifications. But we are now implementing it into our QC department to quality check our own components.

I would definitely recommend OGP to other businesses for optical measurement, not just because of the quality of the machines but the service as well. The training was fantastic. The OGP UK team went through how to set up a program and the general uses of the machine.”