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SmartScope Flash CNC 200

Compact benchtop system featuring machined in squareness

Precision Optics

High quality AccuCentric® zoom lens

Designed-In Accuracy

Elevating bridge design eliminates errors common to other designs

XYZ Travel (mm)

200 x 200 x 150

SmartScope® Flash™ CNC 200 – the smallest member of the Flash CNC family of systems – is a 3D multisensor dimensional measuring system that fits on a benchtop.

Designed-in accuracy – Elevating bridge design eliminates errors common to other designs

Precision optics – High quality AccuCentric® zoom lens automatically compensates magnification for each zoom position

Superb illumination for the best video measurements – Standard profile light, coaxial surface light, and SmartRing™ light illuminate parts from all angles

Multisensor versatility – Optional touch probe, laser, and micro-probe sensors

Technical Data

XYZ Travel (mm)



AccuCentric® auto-compensating zoom with up to 25 calibrated positions, 1.0x lens


Focus Grid Projector: LED Source
Laser Adapter: Allows for field retrofit of TTL Laser. Includes Laser Pointer
Replacement Lenses: 2.5x, 5.0x
Laser Lenses: 2.0x (Included with TTL Laser), 5.0x
Lens Attachments for 1.0x Lens: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2.0x



Substage LED profile, coaxial LED surface, SmartRing LED ring light (white)


Red, green, or blue SmartRing light, Flexible SmartRing light for 0.5x lens attachment


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