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SmartScope ZIP 450

Heavy-duty Multisensor Measurement System

Optical Versatility

Numerous lens and lighting options to solve a range of applications

Designed-In Accuracy

Solid granite bridge design yields extremely accurate results

XYZ Travel (mm) Standard

450 x 450 x 200

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SmartScope ZIP® 450 is a floor model metrology system offering video and multisensor measurement for large parts. It has a reputation for extreme reliability and proven metrological performance. Traditionally strong in video measurement, it is also available with contact and non-contact probes, as well as the TTL laser.

Every SmartScope ZIP 450 is multisensor capable. Just add scanning probe, laser, touch probe, or micro-probing sensors and you’ll measure your most complicated parts in a single setup. ZIP 450 offers:

Accurate Video Metrology – AccuCentric® motorized zoom lens automatically compensates magnification for each zoom position

Built-in Measurement Stability – A granite base and bridge provide a rigid, orthogonal structure for measurement stability

Multisensor Versatility – Optional non-contact sensors and touch probes

Technical Data

XYZ Travel (mm)


450 x 450 x 200


Extended Y axis, 610
Extended Z axis, 300



AccuCentric® auto-compensating zoom, motorized;
1.0x lens; 2.0x lens attachment; 1.0x adapter tube


Focus Grid Projector: LED or Tungsten fiber-optic sources
Laser Adapter: Allows for field retrofit of TTL laser. Included Laser Pointer
Replacement Lenses: 1.0x Long Working Distance (LWD), 2.5x, 5.0x
Laser Lenses: 2.0x (included with TTL Laser), 5.0x
Lens Attachment for 1.0x Lens: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x
Factory Installed Adapter Tubes: 0.67x, 2.0x



Substage LED profile (green), coaxial LED surface
(white), SmartRing LED ring light (white)


High performance all green LED illumination, tungsten illumination for coaxial and ring light, infrared illumination for coaxial and ring light
Ring lights: VuLight™ with multiple angles of incidence; Fiber Optic Ring mounted below, integrated with, or in lieu of SmartRing light


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