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SmartScope ZIP 450

Heavy-duty Multisensor Measurement System

Optical Versatility

Numerous lens and lighting options to solve a range of applications

Designed-In Accuracy

Solid granite bridge design yields extremely accurate results

XYZ Travel (mm) Standard

450 x 450 x 200

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SmartScope ZIP® 450 is a floor model metrology system offering video and multisensor measurement for large parts. It has a reputation for extreme reliability and proven metrological performance. Traditionally strong in video measurement, it is also available with contact and non-contact probes, as well as the TTL laser.

Every SmartScope ZIP 450 is multisensor capable. Just add scanning probe, laser, touch probe, or micro-probing sensors and you’ll measure your most complicated parts in a single setup. ZIP 450 offers:

Accurate Video Metrology – AccuCentric® motorized zoom lens automatically compensates magnification for each zoom position

Built-in Measurement Stability – A granite base and bridge provide a rigid, orthogonal structure for measurement stability

Multisensor Versatility – Optional non-contact sensors and touch probes

Technical Data

XYZ Travel (mm)


450 x 450 x 200


Extended Y axis, 610
Extended Z axis, 300



AccuCentric® auto-compensating zoom, motorized;
1.0x lens; 2.0x lens attachment; 1.0x adapter tube


Focus Grid Projector: LED or Tungsten fiber-optic sources
Laser Adapter: Allows for field retrofit of TTL laser. Included Laser Pointer
Replacement Lenses: 1.0x Long Working Distance (LWD), 2.5x, 5.0x
Laser Lenses: 2.0x (included with TTL Laser), 5.0x
Lens Attachment for 1.0x Lens: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x
Factory Installed Adapter Tubes: 0.67x, 2.0x



Substage LED profile, coaxial LED surface, SmartRing LED ring light (white)


Coax Light: Tungsten Fiber-Optic
Ring Lights: Red, Green, or Blue SmartRing; Standard or Low Incidence VuLight; Tungsten Fiber-Optic Ring mounted below, integrated with, or in lieu of SmartRing


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